Master Kubernetes with CLASTIX

The fastest and complete way to become an expert in design, deploy, and operate Cloud Native Applications on Kubernetes. You can now design your training agenda based on your team's need, level, and expertise.


Kubernetes is particularly well known for having a steep learning curve. With our Kubernetes master class, you can quickly speak the jargon, and master the technology without drowning in the amount of incomplete and outdated material out there.

Instructor Mentoring

All our trainings are instructor-lead that will teach how to operate and manage Kubernetes in production. All our instructors are experienced engineers with years in delivering software applications and infrastructures.

Real Hands-On Labs & Exercises

Classes are hands-on based, with scenario labs that give you experience on real environments provided by us. Do you love to learn by doing? Our labs give you the chance to do that on real environments.

Learning Paths

We provide a series of courses and contents planned by instructors for a specific career track and background, as for example DevOps, Administrators and Developers.

Ready to go

Warried about to setup kubernetes on your environment? We can deliver any training using our own real infrastructure deployed on Google Cloud Platform. Nothing to install locally.

Study Tools

In addition to the class based training and live knwoledge transfer, we provide additional study guides, material, ebooks, and other tools to improve your learning retention.

Certificate of Completition

All attendees will receive a certificate of completition as proof of their hard-earned skill and knowledge. They are proof of the hard work, effort, and expertise.

Looking For a Team Training?

We deliver onsite classes for global teams and hosted workshops throughout the EU and Switzerland, and provide custom trainings tailored for your business.

Introduction to Containers with Docker

All the necessary foundations to master the containers technology based on Docker. The main concepts about containers are covered, including how to build images, design and deploy containerezed applications in production.

Kubernetes Quick Start Introduction

A comprehensive foundation to Kubernetes and containers orchestration. The entire core features of Kubernetes are covered, taking attendees from installation to management through a combination of lecture, hands-on and exercises.

Advanced Kubernetes Concepts and Operations

For already experienced users, this training provides a better understanding of Kubernetes including advanced concepts, security, management and best practices to operate with confidence a Kubernetes cluster in production.

Microservices Applications with Kubernetes

Modern applications based on microservices architecture are optimised for scalability, elasticity, failure, and speed of change. The course drives the attendees through these new principles with practical examples on Kubernetes.

Kubernetes for Developers and Administrators

A comprehensive Kubernetes course on Kubernetes platform and ecosystem. The entire core and advanced features of Kubernetes are covered, giving attendees with different backgrounds to operate with confidence.

Operate a Kubernetes Cluster in production

Advanced course to give the system administrators all the operational aspects and the best practices to successfully operate with confidence a secure, robust, and reliable Kubernetes cluster in production.

Maximize your talent.

Pick one of our ready courses or design yourself a custom training program according to your needs.


Are you looking for a custom training tailored for your needs? You can now design your custom agenda by choosing only the topics of your interest, as well as the tools and the environment of your choice.


Select only the topics of your interest.


Select your infrastructure or cloud provider.


Select your installation and deployment tools.


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