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Deploy, manage, and scale Cloud Native Applications

True Cloud Native experience

Clastix helps enterprises to realize the greatest possible impact of the Cloud Computing. We bring together Kubernetes, the open source solution for containers management, and a unique blend of products and services to accelerate the Cloud Native revolution.

Clastix Platform

An enterprise grade management solution for Kubernetes. With a perfect balance between operations and development needs, it dramatically simplify the day-by-day management of a Cloud Native environment. Available on any public and private cloud as well as on-premises.

Centralized Management and Monitoring

Clastix Platform is the only containers management system focused on operations while maintaining a developers friendly approach.

Applications Lifecycle

Cloud Native Applications are much more than just images and containers. Clastix provides a single pane of glass to deploy, manage, scale, and operate applications across multiple Kubernetes clusters.

Data Management

Unlike virtual machines that offer durable and persistent storage, containers come with ephemeral storage. Clastix provides a complete set of tools to support the deployment and operations of data in stateful workloads, including backup, restore, and disaster recovery.

Multiple Clusters

Clastix manages multiple Kubernetes clusters whether public or private clouds, connect them together and deploy the applications. Clastix support multi-zones, multi-regions clusters as well as multi-clouds.

Access Management

Clastix provides advanced support for multitenancy. Users can run their workload only in the tenancy they are authorized to work on. Each tenant is isolated from the others by the underlay policy based networking, for real-proof security and network isolation.

Centralized Monitoring

Clastix monitoring capabilities are based on Prometheus, the leading open source monitoring solution for Kubernetes. Applications metrics and policies are monitored in real-time to give an unparalleled level of insight into the performance.

Clastix Managed Kubernetes

Clastix provides a fully managed and battle tested Kubernetes service. Unlike do-it-yourself approaches, Clastix subscription helps speed up and optimize development and operations, resulting in increased efficiency, agility, and lowered costs.

Enterprises DevOps

Clastix Managed Kubernetes is designed for enterprises that want to run break down barriers between development and operations teams without warring about technical challenges and complexity of managing a modern cloud infrastructure.

IoT, IA, and FinTech solutions providers

Clastix Managed Kubernetes supports any kind of new modern workloads. Scientific Institutions, Research Centers, and any enterpise can all take advantage from Clastix support to run applications and get away from the complexity of managing infrastructures.

SaaS Service Providers

With Clastix Managed Kubernetes, SaaS Service Providers will take all benefits of simplify the daily operations. With the enahnced multitenancy provided by the Clastix Platform, a new customer onboarding process is completed quickly, without spending days for getting the infrastructure ready.

Infrastructure costs reduction

Not all workloads require legacy solutions that IT vendors provide, yet many organizations pay money in expensive licenses across their data centers. Open Source solutions can reduce reliance on IT legacy vendors and take advantage of lower-cost commodity hardware.


Clastix offers a full range of professional services in the Cloud Native space. We understand your overall business goals, analyze your challenges and develop custom solutions to unlock the potential of the Cloud Native Applications.


  • Cloud Native Architecture design. For users that are getting started with cloud native technologies, we ensures that you correctly architect Kubernetes infrastructure, both from technical and organizational perspective.
  • Kubernetes production readiness review. Validate your existing work on Kubernetes, and identify any areas of your cluster that could be improved before to move in production.
  • Applications deployment. Architect your applications and data pipelines to take full advantage of the containers technology and the Kubernetes platform including minimizing downtime, deployment, and scaling.
  • Legacy workloads migration. Help to find what components of your existing workloads can be given cloud native characteristics, integrate them with modern tools, and automate deployments on a Kubernetes infrastructure.
  • Kubernetes infrastructure support. Our support services cover pure upstream Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, Google GKE, Amazon EKS and run on any infrastructure.


  • Introduction to Linux containers. Basic course to teach users all the necessary foundations for mastering the Linux containers technology with Kubernetes.
  • Containers orchestration with Kubernetes. A mid-level course designed to provide attendees with a comprehensive foundation to Kubernetes and containers orchestration functions.
  • Design modern applications for Kubernetes. A mid-level course covering the approach to successfully create cloud native applications for Kubernetes.
  • Kubernetes operations in production. Advanced course to give system engineers operational aspects and best practices to succesfully operate a Kubernetes cluster in production.
  • Advanced Kubernetes. Advanced Kubernetes course designed to provide already experienced users with a detailed look at the new advanced features of latest Kubernetes.
  • Become a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA). Preparation course for the CKA Exam from the Cloud Native Compute Foundation. Coming soon.

Delivery models

For public, private, and multi clouds environments. Clastix products and services are developed and supported by experienced engineers with more than twenty years in delivering software applications and infrastructure services.

Managed Cloud

Clastix provides a fully managed Cloud Native experience. Customers only need to think their own business.

Private Cloud

Clastix provides product and services on a subscription basis. Customers will bring their own infrastructure.

Public Cloud

Clastix provides product and services on a subscription basis. Customers will use their own Public Cloud account.

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