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across cloud, edge, and datacenter


Clastix integrates pure Cloud Native components for automated IT operations across cloud, edge, and datacenter. We ensures that all the components are compatible with each other, and aggregate together different support models, including open source and commercial.


Our Clastix Enterprise Kubernetes platform is built around upstream Kubernetes and solid open source components simplifying enterprise IT operations and management. Clastix Enterprise Kubernetes is not a forked distribution of Kubernetes, but rather an additive echo system with all batteries included and enterprise grade support.

Upstream Open Source

Clastix is an enterprise-grade platform built purely from 100% upstream compatible open-source components integrated and bound together by professional engineers with more than twenty years of experience at big leading IT Company's.

Applications Lifecycle

Cloud Native Applications are much more than just images and containers. Clastix provides a single pane of glass to deploy, manage, scale, and operate applications across multiple Kubernetes clusters.

Data Management

Unlike virtual machines that offer durable and persistent storage, containers come with ephemeral storage. Clastix provides a complete set of tools to support the deployment and operations of data in stateful workloads.

Access Management

Clastix provides advanced support for multi-tenancy. Users can run their workloads only in the tenancy they are authorized to work on. Each tenant is isolated from the others by the underlay policy engine, for real security and isolation.

Multi Clouds

Clastix manages multiple Kubernetes clusters whether public or private clouds, to connect them and deploy the applications. Clastix support multi-zones, multiregion clusters as well as multi-clouds.

Centralised Monitoring

Applications metrics and policies are monitored in real-time to give an unparalleled level of insight into not only the performance, but also data use for each tenant within one Kubernetes environment.


Clastix provides a fully managed, highly available, scalable, and secure Kubernetes for public, private and multi cloud environments. Unlike do-it-yourself solutions, Clastix helps to optimize development and operations, resulting in increased efficiency, agility, and lowered costs

Enterprise DevOps

Clastix is designed for enterprises that want to run break down barriers between development and operations teams without worrying about technical challenges and the complexity of managing a modern cloud infrastructure.

Edge solutions providers

Clastix permits any modern workload to run on the Edge. Scientific Institutions, Manifacturing, Energy, and Telco can all take advantage from Clastix to run their applications on the Edge while getting away from managing the infrastructure.

SaaS providers

With Clastix, SaaS Service Providers will take all benefits of simplifying the daily operations. With the enhanced multitenancy provided by the Clastix platform, a new customer onboarding process is completed quickly, without spending days for getting the infrastructure ready.

Infrastructure costs reduction

Not all workloads require legacy solutions that IT vendors provide, yet many organizations pay money on expensive licenses across their data centers. Open Source solutions like Kubernetes, can reduce reliance on IT legacy vendors and take advantage of lower-cost commodity hardware.


Clastix offers a complete portfolio of managed services to help customers in the journey of modernizing their infrastructures. We build Kubernetes based infrastructures using a combination of solid open-source technology, automation, best practices, and production-grade expertise.

Cloud Native architecture design

If you are getting started with cloud-native technologies, we ensure that you correctly architect Kubernetes' infrastructure, both from a technical and organizational perspective.

Production readiness review

We validate your existing work on Kubernetes and identify any areas of your environment that could be improved before moving it in production.

Legacy workloads migration

We help you to find what components of your existing workloads can be cloud-native, integrate them with modern tools, and automate the deployment on Kubernetes.

Enterprise support

Our technical support service covers Clastix Enterprise Kubernetes, as well as other vendor Kubernetes distributions like RedHat OpenShift, Google GKE, Rancher, and VMware Tanzu.


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