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Scaling Cloud Services with Multi-Tenancy: the ReeVo Journey

When your mission is running critical applications in the cloud, having a trusted wingman at your side makes all the difference. So ReeVo, a leading cloud provider, partnered with Clastix, the Kubernetes multi-tenancy experts, to enhance its cloud services and offer unprecedented agility, scalability, and flexibility to its customers. By adopting Kubernetes and Clastix's multi-tenancy solutions, ReeVo simplified the management of hundreds of customers, reduced hardware resources and operational efforts, and at the same time achieving greater automation and innovation.

Sunday, June 25, 2023 Adriano Pezzuto

About ReeVo


Reevo is the Cloud & Cybersecurity Italian provider focused on infrastructure services, archiving, cybersecurity and managed services, which allows companies to protect and preserve data, in the first digital safe. The Reevo services, in fact, are provided through 4 Tier IV data centers, located in Italy and comply with highest standards and certifications (ISO9001, ISO27001, ISO27017, ISO27018, AGID, LEEDS, PCI DSS, etc.) to ensure the highest level of safety and performance. The company has a strong and necessary orientation towards IT innovation and scouting. This approach allows them to implement services differentiating and extremely effective solutions.

A challenge for scale

Cloud computing has become essential to modern businesses, allowing companies to innovate and grow flexibly, all with the advantage of a snowball effect. With cloud-native services gaining popularity, many businesses are turning to Kubernetes to improve their efficiency and scalability. ReeVo, a leading cloud provider in Italy and Spain, recently enhanced its Managed Cloud Services and offered new, innovative solutions to its customers. As the importance of cloud-native services continues to grow, ReeVo realized that it needed to take its offerings to the next level. To do so, it needed to adopt a modern hyper-scale-like approach based on Kubernetes with high automation and security, all while saving resources and operational effort. Unfortunately, most Kubernetes solutions on the market are designed with an enterprise-first approach, needing more scale capabilities, making them both costly and difficult to use for a Managed Service Provider. Faced with these challenges, ReeVo needed a partner that could help it achieve its goals in a cost-effective and scalable way.


After conducting proof-of-concept tests, ReeVo has partnered with Clastix to improve its cloud services architecture and implement Kubernetes Multi-Tenancy solutions. Multi-tenancy is a model where a single system serves multiple tenants, such as teams, departments, customers, or users while ensuring that each tenant accesses its resources exclusively. This approach has proven effective in cutting costs, enhancing security, implementing superior governance, controlling resource allocation, and reducing operational efforts.

To offer Managed Kubernetes solutions in two different flavors, ReeVo leveraged Clastix's open-source multi-tenancy solutions, Capsule and Kamaji.


ReeVo implemented Capsule to achieve multi-tenancy in shared infrastructures. Capsule is an open-source controller that partitions the underlying infrastructure into isolated and secured slices, allowing multiple tenants to use the same infrastructure without being aware of each other. This approach ensures security and privacy while offering Container-as-a-Service to users. In this model, the provider takes care of the servers, storage, networking, and Kubernetes for deploying, scaling, and monitoring the containers while users focus solely on the applications.


For customers requiring a dedicated Kubernetes cluster, ReeVo used Kamaji, which allocates an entire Kubernetes cluster for each tenant while saving the resources and the operational effort required to manage multiple Kubernetes clusters at scale. With Kamaji, the control plane of Kubernetes, the most complex and challenging part of Kubernetes to mind, is decoupled from the workload clusters and provided to the tenants as a network service. Kamaji is unique because the entire tenant cluster control plane runs as a Kubernetes application instead of a dedicated set of virtual machines, making it less costly and easier to deploy and operate while providing users with a fully managed native Kubernetes experience.

Rancher Integration

Clastix integrated Capsule and Kamaji with Rancher, a popular open-source Kubernetes management platform, to simplify cluster administration, resource utilization, and security while preserving tenant autonomy. This integration provided ReeVo with a robust and powerful tool to operate Managed Kubernetes Services at scale.

By partnering with Clastix, ReeVo improved its cloud services architecture and offered Managed Kubernetes solutions in a cost-effective, secure, and scalable way.


Implementing Clastix and its multi-tenancy solutions allowed ReeVo to enhance its cloud-native services, providing unprecedented agility and scalability. The benefits of the new architecture and unique solutions, such as Capsule and Kamaji, enabled ReeVo to optimize resources, achieve substantial operational savings, and require fewer hardware resources and personnel to manage their cloud services. With a multi-tenant Kubernetes cluster, ReeVo can efficiently serve hundreds of tenants while offloading governance, security, and policy enforcement to Clastix Capsule and Kamaji engines, freeing up their SRE team's time.

Furthermore, the implementation provides ReeVo peace of mind through risk mitigation and 24/7 enterprise support for system stability and security. Overall, the results emphasize the significant operational benefits and the potential for future growth and exceptional service delivery to ReeVo's clients.

"Partnering with Clastix has been a game-changer for ReeVo. With their powerful open-source multi-tenancy solutions, we were able to offer our customers secure and cost-effective Managed Kubernetes services while simplifying cluster administration and resource utilization. Clastix Capsule and Kamaji, integrated with Rancher, have enabled us to scale our cloud services easily and efficiently, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the results."

Vito Pietrapertosa
Head of Managed Services, ReeVo


ReeVo's partnership with Clastix has allowed the company to accelerate its pace of innovation and offer new cloud services to its customers. By leveraging Kubernetes and Clastix multi-tenancy solutions, ReeVo has achieved unprecedented operational agility, automation, and scalability. The collaboration has demonstrated how businesses can utilize Kubernetes to adopt a hyper-scale approach and enhance cloud-native services.