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Access to deep expertise around Kubernetes infrastructures and integrations. 

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Clastix helps to accelerate Kubernetes discovery with support for multiple deployment options.

Kubernetes platform across all your environments

Run your most mission-critical modern workloads on a multi-cloud Kubernetes platform with simplicity, security, and optimal performance. To capture the value of Kubernetes and Cloud Native infrastructures, we have created the Kubernetes Explorer program to guide you across the adoption of the technology with confidence. Over the years, we've seen many organisations making the same mistakes: from provisioning an unnecessary number of clusters to not providing adequate hands-on time for set up and security. These mistakes can lead to sprawl, operational nightmares, slow upgrades, and security concerns. Avoid these mistakes altogether and prioritise velocity and cost savings with Clastix solutions.

Simplify choice

Provide an expertly curated Cloud Native stack, including all the core elements needed to stand up and operate a modern, enterprise-grade container infrastructure based on Kubernetes.

Streamline operations

Simplify Kubernetes operations by providing a consistent Kubernetes engine across on-premises, public cloud, and edge, and centrally manage Kubernetes across all the environments.

Secure environment

Secure and protect deployments as modern applications and data are increasingly distributed across multiple environments. Traditional perimeter-based security is not able to deliver the fine-grain security and control needed to protect microservices.

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Start building your self-service and multi-tenant Kubernetes platform with help of Clastix engineers.