Kubernetes as a Service

Build and operate self-service Kubernetes with a fraction of the operational burden.

Why Kubernetes as a Service

Provide fully Kubernetes clusters as the way and at speed of a hyperscaler.

A Cloud Native power house

Majority of users want focus on applications instead of infrastructure while organisations want to enable their teams to consume Kubernetes “as a service” (KaaS) to speed up development and operations and reduce the management costs.

Focus on applications

Kubernetes as a Service can help organisations leverage the best of Kubernetes without having to deal with the complexities involved with managing the operations.


Within the Kubernetes as a Service model, the infrastructure can scale rapidly. It is possible due to high-level automation provided. This saves time and bandwidth of the admin team.

Managed service

Take care of a variety of tasks, including setting up any required CI/CD pipelines, as well as monitor and manage the operations, ensuring high availability, and releasing updates as needed.

Free Assessment

Start building your self-service and multi-tenant Kubernetes platform with help of Clastix engineers.