Managed Kubernetes as a Service

Why Kamaji

Build and operate a Managed Kubernetes Service with a fraction of the operational burden.

Make operations self-serving

Build and operate hundreds of Kubernetes clusters that are compliant, resilient, isolated, and costs optimised.

Kubernetes as a Service

Leave users the freedom to self-provision their Kubernetes clusters according to the assigned boundaries.

Strong Multi-Tenancy

Leave tenants to access their Kubernetes clusters with admin permissions while keeping each tenant isolated at infrastructure level.

Full CNCF compliant

Clusters built with Kamaji are fully CNCF compliant, built with upstream Kubernetes binaries you are already trained to use.

Build a Managed Kubernetes Service

Build and operate a Managed Kubernetes Service with automation, resilience, and observability while keep costs under control.

Applify Kubernetes

Use Kubernetes to manage and operate Kubernetes by re-using all the Kubernetes goodies you already know and love.

Multi-cluster Management

Centrally manage multiple Kubernetes clusters from a single admin cluster. Happy SREs.

Cheaper Control Planes

Place multiple control planes on a single node, instead of having three nodes for a single control plane.

Free Assessment

Start building your self-service and multi-tenant Kubernetes platform with help of Clastix engineers.