Clastix offers a complete portfolio of professional services to help in the journey of modernising your digital assets.

How can we help you

We build Kubernetes infrastructures using a combination of solid open-source technology, automation, best practices, and production-grade expertise.

DevOps Transformation

Accelerate the adoption of Cloud Native Computing and DevOps practices and modernise legacy applications with help of our experts.

Modernize Applications

Improve application modernization speed leveraging modernisation patterns, advanced analytical tools and new delivery models saving time and money.

Production readiness review

If you are getting started with cloud-native technologies, we ensure that you correctly architect Kubernetes' infrastructure, both from a technical and organizational perspective.

Cloud Native Design

Get deep insight into Automation, Observability, Monitoring, GitOps, CI/CD and Kubernetes, as our engineers have expertise across Cloud Native technology

Free Assessment

Start building your self-service and multi-tenant Kubernetes platform with help of Clastix engineers.