Clastix Enterprise Kubernetes

Secure multi-tenant Kubernetes distribution

Why secure Kubernetes

Build and operate a secure multi-tenants cluster beyond the Kubernetes default settings.

Security posture for Kubernetes

Ensure consistency and avoid misconfigurations across multiple teams, clusters and tenancy. And protecting your infrastructure keeps getting harder as attackers get more sophisticated.

Hardened Kubernetes

Clastix Enterprise Kubernetes is designed to pass the majority of the Kubernetes NSA/CISA controls without modification.

Native Multi-Tenancy

Provide a robust foundation for battle-tested and secure multi-tenancy Kubernetes infrastructures.

Air Gapped

Production grade Kubernetes installations in isolated and Air-Gapped Environments as military or mission critical.

GitOps Automation

Automate the deployment and manage the full lifecycle of Kubernetes clusters. Leverage APIs enabled automation to eliminate manual intervention and repetitive tasks.

Declarative Automated Installer

Automation is the key to avoiding user errors and provide the agility you need. Easily automate Kubernetes installation and upgrade, for a reproducible and immutable infrastructure.

Open Source

Developed and maintained by Clastix and the community, it is built with upstream Kubernetes components. It is and it will be open source forever.

Full CNCF compliant

Clusters built with Clastix Kubernetes Engine are fully CNCF compliant, using only upstream open source Kubernetes binaries.

Free Assessment

Start building your self-service and multi-tenant Kubernetes platform with help of Clastix engineers.