A multi-tenancy and policy-based framework for Kubernetes

Why Capsule

Share a Kubernetes cluster in a secure way with multiple users, teams, and departments.

Developers self-serving

Let developers to be more agile on build, deploy, and run applications on Kubernetes whenever they need without having to loop in someone with cluster admin privileges.

Namespace as a Service

Freedom to self-provision namespaces according to the assigned quota and boundaries.

Kubernetes Native Experience

Provide multi-tenancy with a native Kubernetes experience without introducing additional management layers.

GitOps ready

Capsule is completely declarative and GitOps ready.

Save on the operational costs

Running a cluster per team is particularly expensive in terms of operations. Share the same infrastructure with multiple developers teams while enforcing each team within a robust policies-driven boundary.

Prevent Clusters Sprawl

Reduce the number of clusters to install, update, and manage and keep the clusters sprawl under control.

Cluster Resources Control

Assign and monitor the resources consumed by each team while preventing them to overtake.

Governance and Security

Enforce the industry security best practices and meet policy requirements of your organisation.

Free Assessment

Start building your self-service and multi-tenant Kubernetes platform with help of Clastix engineers.