Open Source at CLASTIX

We believe that the Open Source community develops better software. We stand behind what we believe by maintaining and actively contributing to upstream projects to facilitate the adoption of the Cloud Native revolution.

Capsule Multi-tenancy Operator

Capsule helps to build a multi-tenancy environment in your Kubernetes cluster. Multi-tenancy in Kubernetes is complicated because of the flat structure of namespaces. Capsule aggregates multiple namespaces assigned to an organization in a lightweight abstraction called Tenant. Within each Tenant, users are free to use the assigned resources according to policy-enforced boundaries.

Deliver Self-Service

Leave developers and sysadmins the freedom to self-provision their cluster resources according to their assigned boundaries.

Prevents Clusters Sprawl

Share a single cluster with multiple organizations or groups of users by saving operational and management efforts.


Leverage Kubernetes Admission Controllers to enforce the industry security best practices and meet legal requirements.

Resources Control

Get tenants assigned with a limited amount of compute, network, and storage resources while preventing them to overtake.

Native Experience

Provide multi-tenancy with a native Kubernetes experience without introducing custom resources, plugins, or additional binaries.

Bring your own devices

Assign to tenants a dedicated set of compute, storage, and network resources and avoid the noisy neighbors' effect.